Frequently asked questions:

  • Delivery time

    If ordered before 14:00, it will be shipped the same day. Dependent on the shipping company used, delivery will take place the next day or within two days.

  • Returns

    We package the contract proofing with the utmost care. Of course, we are dependent on how the transporter consequently handles the product. Any warranty on the contract proofing is therefore not possible.

  • Tolerances contract proofing

    We very regularly calibrate our equipment and adjust the contract proofing if necessary. For CMYK, we use a maximum deviation of <2.5 delta E and <1.2 delta H.

  • My product is not on the site

    Are you looking for a contract proof that is not listed? Contact us via

  • Liability

    Proofing Company cannot be held liable in any way for rejection or resulting damages in your company by using our contract proofing.

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The Proofing Company Team

The Proofing Company Team consists of specialist with years of experience in the printing world. We have become experts in colour management, ICC profiles and proofing.

We can deliver every type of contract proof according to the applicable specifications and of absolute top quality. If our extensive list of contract proofing does not include what you are looking for, please ask us! You can send all your specific requests to:!