Custom ICC Profile, equal your printing press with a contract proof!

ICC Profiles according ISO 12647 are being used word wide. Most printers work according the ISO 12647 standard. However, this does not mean that every printer actually has to or wants to print according ISO 12647.

Are you not printing according ISO 12647 at the moment, but according to your own standards, or is ISO 12647 perhaps not the right standard for you with regard to past experiences?

Using your printed test form (you will receive an email with guidelines from us), we will make a printing specific ICC Profile, so you can solve any colour technical problems beforehand. This will save time and money and will prevent rejection of your printed matter!

The standard ICC Profiles according to ISO 12647 can be downloaded from

icc profielen op maat - spectraal meten

You want a custom-made colour profile?

These are the next steps we take after placing the order:

  • We will send you an email with a download link containing 2 tiff files. You will have to insert these in a test form which also has a number of photos and/or tint filed relevant for you. The two tiff files have to be placed in the middle of the sheet (if possible, next to each other).
  • Consider that every colour conversion has an impact on the result. Create the imposition file in the same manner as you do normally.

Your 3 printing sheets must meet the following requirements:

  • Perfectly printed density (across the entire sheet)
  • Registration (closure) as tight as possible, at least on the part of the measuring parts
  • Remove any colour cast or this must be standard included and accepted
  • Printing sheet free of extreme slip or doubling
  • No scratches or dust particles at the place of the two tiff files

The follow-up after sending the printing sheets

  • Send a pdf of the printed test form via mail or WeTransfer. From this file, we will print an adjusted contract proof and send it to you.
  • After the contract proof (printed with your ICC Profile) has been sent to you, this profile will be made available on this page (only accessible to you) after you have logged in. We will send you the login details via mail. You can then order contract proofing in any size.
  • The ICC Profile will remain in your property and we will also send you the ICC profile digitally. We will not use the ICC profile in any other way than for orders through your account.


1 Custom ICC Profile: € 500 excl. VAT.
2 Custom ICC Profiles: € 800 excl. VAT.
3rd to 10th Profile costs €250 extra per profile.

Do you need more ICC profiles? Send a mail to:

Do you want to revise the profiles yearly?

Send an email to and will provide you with a suitable quote.

Do you want to have an existing custom ICC profile made again?

You can place your order after you have logged in. The costs will be €150 excl. VAT per ICC profile.

You can place your order in your own environment on this website if you are logged in on MyAccount.

If you still prefer to receive a Fogra or an existing word wide used ICC profile as contract proof, you can place your order through our page: ordering contract proofing.

We cannot be held liable in any way for any press downtime (any resulting damages) or difference between the (certified) contract proof and printed matter. The printed matter on which we base the ICC profile is a snapshot. Partly because of this, we cannot guarantee that the measured printed matter is exactly the same a day later. The contract proof will always be within the tolerances of the ICC profile made (CMYK <2.5 delta E and < 1.5 Delta H).