A4 – Fogra 39
ICC: ISO Coated v2

Fogra 39 – A4

Paper: 250 grams semi gloss
Size: 210×297 mm
Measurement method: M0
ICC Profile: ISO Coated v2
OBA: minimum
ICC Profile: ISO Coated v2

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From: 11,50



Contract Proof A4 – Fogra 39 – ISO Coated v2

With minimal OBA in the substrate, this gives a better match with the printing sheet with the current paper types. The deviation of the paper will be slightly higher in Delta E, the other colors fall perfectly within the ISO standard.

We work according the Fogra ISO standard (PSO). The Process Standard Offset (PSO) is developed for Fogra in cooperation with the BVDM. It is a description of the standardized procedure for the making of print products (including contract proofing). The PSO meets the international standardization ISO 12647 and is therefore internationally recognized.

Our contract proofing meet all quality requirements imposed by the standard.

ISO Coated V2 has the following properties:

  • Fogra number: Fogra 39
  • Max. ink coverage: 330%
  • ISO standard: 12647-2:2004/AMD 1
  • Minimum quantity of OBA added

Quality becomes measurable, verifiable and reproducible!