A4 – Pantone (PMS)
Papier: Coated

Pantone (PMS) colours – A1

Paper: 250 grams semi-gloss
Size. 594×840 mm
Measurement method: M0

From: 67,50



Pantone (PMS) colours printed on 250 grams semi-gloss paper

Our Epson SureColor P7500 features 12 colours including the latest colour Violet, bringing the range of Pantone (PMS) colours to 99% (coated paper).

We print these contract proofs on 250 grams semi-gloss paper.

Please note:
Simulating Pantone (PMS) colours only works with a 100% tint area of the corresponding Pantone (PMS) colour. We simulate all other raster areas according to a colour curve.
The colour references (LAB values) of the 100% tint areas are available, those of the other shades of the Pantone (PMS) colour are not.